TwelveZeros Webinar Series

Your resource for all things forecasting!

At TwelveZeros we aim to be your single resource for forecasting no matter what size your business it at. That is why we created our webinar series. We focus on anything from basic sales forecasting, to cash forecasting to forecasting using AI.

Check out upcoming webinars from our experts and download old webinars to learn all things forecasting.

Sales forecasting meeting
Upcoming Webinar – July, 1 2019

Sales Forecasting 101

Learn the basics of building a sales forecast for your company. We focus on using the pipeline methodology to help predict future sales. We will touch on close rates, sales cycles and pipeline generation in this free webinar.

Upcoming Webinar – August, 1 2019

Advanced Sales Forecasting

Learn how top tier silicon valley companies are thinking about sales forecasting. We’ll build out a forecast that you can use and your VP of sales would be proud to use in their organization.

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