Free Sales Forecast Template 

There are multiple types of forecasts from sales forecasting to financial forecasting to cash forecasting. They all play a major role in the success and growth of any business.  The best leaders use the various forecasts to be able to give them a vision of the future, so they can make more informed decisions today. Some of the benefits include hitting quota, cash management, expense management, profitability, etc.

There are 4 free forecasting templates below.

They will guide you through building your basic monthly, quarterly, annual, or 5-year forecast. You can use those to plan your cash flow, summarize expenses or hiring planning. If you are looking to raise capital then the startup template is a proven resource for providing you with all of the basic requirements VC’s need from a startups financials.

  • Sales Forecast – For raising venture capital
  • Saas Startup Forecast – For SAAS companies that needs a financial forecast
  • Budget Forecast – For annual, quarterly or monthly budgeting
  • Sales Forecast – For opportunity tracking and forecasting future sales

Below you can pick one that best matches your business and needs.


This Budget forecast template focuses on providing an overall and by-department annual budget for any business size.


This Sales forecast template focuses on forecasting sales based on the future pipeline by individual sales reps and teams.


This Startup forecast template focuses on providing an accurate business forecast designed to cover all of the basis for raising venture capital.


This Saas forecast template focuses on providing a forecast built around monthly recurring revenue and the cash implications based on variable billing types.


Free Forecast Consultation

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