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Communication in the team is crucial to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to sales goals. That’s why we built the comments module in TwelveZeros.

In the top right corner of the Bridge report, you’ll find a chat bubble icon: Communicate your forecast. It opens the chat panel on the right side of the screen.

Communication is key ingredient of sales forecasting

You can leave general comments on the Bridge report to share your thoughts with the team. You can also mention a particular person in your team to assign the question to them and make sure that you’ll get an answer. Just type “@” to search for their name.

Finally, you can mention a particular Contact or a Deal on the bridge, if you want to ask about them. Hovering over that mention will highlight the related object on the forecast chart. To mention a deal, type in “@” and start typing the name of the deal, you’ll get drop-down a list with suggestions.

Finally, when your question gets a response you can mark it as “Resolved” to clear your plate.

Your comments will be stored together with a Bridge report if you decide to save it. You’ll be able to go back to them, compare your progress towards the goals, see what assumptions you made and understand what changed in the meantime and what may require your attention.

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