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New Hires report

Plans for hiring and attrition on your sales team is one of the most important factors affecting your sales forecast. Using the New Hires report you can visualize those plans and understand the impact hiring and attritionĀ has on your sales numbers.

The New Hires report has two sections. The top one lets you visualize the planned size of the sales teams in your organization. The numbers on this chart are a visualization of your Hiring Plan, configured in Settings.

This chart lets you understand the size and ability to sell by your teams, over time.

Sales team size affects the forecast

The second chart below visualizes the estimated new bookings based on the hiring plan above. TwelveZeros algorithms analyze and model the expected numbers from new hires in each team. I will lay out the expected revenue that those new reps will bring in over time. Those numbers are also included automatically in the Bridge Report.

Impact of new hires on your sales forecast

As on every report, on the top right there are filters. You can use the filters to focus on only one sales team.

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