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Forecast report

Forecast / Bridge report is built to let you quickly get an overview of how much progress was made from the date you saved your Bridge, till today. It will give you an indication of progress towards your goal this month, this quarter and the entire year.

Of course, before comparing the current situation against a saved bridge, you first need to create one and make some progress against it. Here you can learn how to create and save a Bridge.

For this example let’s assume on February 10 I saved a bridge with my forecast as of that day. I saved it under the name “My Bridge Feb 10”. Today, 2 weeks later I want to see a quick overview of the progress we made. This is what I would see:

See progress made against past forecast

At the top left, I chose “My Bridge Feb 10” to compare against. Below, there are three rows showing the progress I made against that bridge’s forecast for the current month, current quarter and current year.

Let’s look at Current Month. The number on the left is the total Forecasted Sales for the month, as of today. It’s the same value the  bar is representing. Just behind it, there’s a  bar, representing all deals that were already won this month. On the right of the bars, there is a black line representing the Bridge from the saved forecast. This is the total value of Forecasted + Bridge deals from the saved report. Finally, in the background, you see the Sales Goalsfor the entire organization.

As the month progresses, you win more deals and the “Forecasted” section narrows down, you’ll see yourself progressing towards the Bridge amount you were planning to hit back when you saved the report you’re comparing against.

Back on the left-hand side, there is a blue percentage value, representing how much of your Sales Goals is the currently Forecasted Sales + historic Bridge covering.

As with all other reports in TwelveZeros, you can use the Filters on the top right to drill down into different segments of your business.

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