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Daily Snapshot section

This section lets you get a quick overview of your most important metrics. Additionally, you can compare today’s numbers with any previous date. You can select a comparison date the top left.

Overview of key sales metrics

Below the date, you’ll see the following statistics:

  • Forecast – Total value of all the opportunities forecasted over the next 24 months
  • Average Sales Cycle – the average from all deals created within last year and already closed
  • Open Pipeline –┬áthe total value of all open deals in your pipeline
  • New Pipeline – the sum of new deals created per month, average from last 3 months
  • Close Rates – percent of all deals that moved to Won
  • Sales Reps – the headcount of your sales team
  • AI Attributes – the number of properties our system identified as relevant to your win rate

The following statistics will show up, once you choose a date to compare to, at the top of the Snapshot section.

  • Average Open Deal Size – Average size of all deals, which are currently open
  • Number of Open Deals – Number of all deals, which are currently open

Below each of the metrics, you will see the historical value and the change, calculated as a percentage. You’ll also see a red or a green arrow, indicating if the metric has grown or dropped.

Notice that you can click on most of those metrics and get to a more detailed report related to it. For more details, see the sales reports section of this documentation.

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