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Close Rates report

The close rates report lets you understand how your team converts opportunities from stage to stage. At the top, you see the sales representatives, and in the column on the right – stages of your sales process.

Each dot is assigned to a particular  Rep, and it represents their conversion rate of opportunities, from the current stage to stages down in the pipeline.

Close rates affect forecast

For example, let’s look at Frank’s dot at 10% in the Lead row. This one means that 10% of Frank’s opportunities move down the pipeline, and 90% stay “stuck” in this stage, or go to Lost.

The black, empty circles in the middle represent the average of the entire team. You can hover over each dot to see the exact values it represents.

Looking at the example above, we can already make a few interesting observations. There are two Reps marked in purple (Frank and Ben), that are consistently below the average, across all stages. Then there is the blue Mike, who is pretty much dead on average, and the rest of the team is nicely on the right.

It may be the case that Frank and Ben are selling a different, harder product, and that would explain the difference. Or maybe they need training? But the most interesting of them all is the blue Mike in the middle. Let’s click on his name at the top, to highlight only his conversion rates:

Each rep's performance can be analyzed separately

His conversion rates stay around the average, but then, towards the end, in “Working on details” stage, he drops significantly below. Maybe he needs some help there?

As you see, this visualization is very powerful when it comes to analyzing the performance of your team. As in every report, you can apply various filters on top of it. While we’re at managing your team, you may want to analyze how your hiring plans affect your sales forecast.

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