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Average Sales Cycle report

The sales cycle is one of the fundamental factors that need to be included in a sales forecast. This report will give you an understanding of how long does it take to close deals of different sizes, and where is that time spent.

The sales cycle is the amount of time, in days, from when an opportunity was created, to the day it was closed. For most businesses this time will be longer, the larger the opportunity. TwelveZeros analyzes this correlation using clustering algorithms and automatically detects the market segments, for which the amount and duration are similar. On the Average Sales Cycle report, you’ll see one column for each of those similar segments. The dollar amount at the bottom is the maximum deal value, that would still belong to this segment.

In the example below there, we identified are three segments. The last, and biggest one is extrapolated from the smaller data – it tells you what to expect, should a larger-then-ever opportunity come by.

Analyze sales cycle for accurate forecast

Looking horizontally, the total sales cycle of an opportunity can be broken down into time spent in each stage. On this report, you can see the overall duration, as well as the average duration of each stage separately. You can hover over the report to see the exact number of days spent on average in each stage. You can also click on one of the stages on the list at the top, to see durations of this particular stage singled out.

Analyze stage duration in forecasting

On the top right of the report, you’ll see the familiar Filters section. You can use it to analyze the sales cycle for different teams, particular users, different timeframes and more. See this article on how to use filters on reports.

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