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AI Attributes

TwelveZeros sales forecasts are based on multiple statistical and machine learning algorithms. This report lets you understand what those algorithms identified as important signals on your account.

This report presents factors found on your account globally. Some of them may apply only to a single opportunity, or only a single sales representative, while others – to entire segments. After reviewing this report, make sure to read about AI Insights section on Bridge report, where you can see signals with weights related to how strongly they affect your forecast. So strong signal from one client may turn out less important, than a weak one, affecting a big market segment.

Factors affecting sales forecast

In green, you see the factors that have a positive impact on your ability to close deals. In red – factors that are bad for progress. The size of the bars and the numbers on it represent the relative importance of the factor. So the biggest green bar is the best “thing” that can happen to a deal. The second one is still positive, but proportionally less impactful, and so on.

In the example above, “Left Qualification” is the largest positive factor, which suggests a very strict qualification project. Once an opportunity clears that, it’s on a good way to get closed.

Other interesting observations from the example above are Type: Renewal (in green) and Type: New Customer (in red). Obviously, renewals are much easier to close than new customers. TwelveZeros AI picked up that signal and will automatically use it to improve your forecast.

Last interesting pair from the example above, Left stage Demo (in green), and Duration of stage Demo (in red). The algorithm found out that doing a demo and moving forward after it is a strong positive signal. In the same time, if an opportunity gets stuck for too long waiting for the demo to be scheduled – that’s a big negative signal. As previously, TwelveZeros takes those factors into account when building your sales forecast. In the same time, you can take this information as a suggestion on where to focus your efforts to improve your sales process.

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