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Use Pipeline mapping to help us understand your sales process. On the right, select values from STAGE 1 to STAGE 10, to mark the order of the stages in your sales process. STAGE 1 should mark the first stage in your pipeline, STAGE 2 should mark the second one, and so on. Map your Won, Lost and Unqualified stages too.

On this list you’ll see all your stages, including old or deprecated ones. Map those too, using the same STAGE 1 to STAGE 10 values. TwelveZeros learns from your past opportunities, so it needs to understand the previous processes too.

Example: Your current process has the following stages:
Reach out → Demo → Negotiation → Sign agreement → Won
but before that, you were using a slightly different process:
New opportunity → Demo → Negotiate → Won

In this case, you should use the following stage mapping:

CRM stage mapping order for sales forecast accuracy.

Reach out → STAGE 1
Demo → STAGE 2
Negotiation → STAGE 3
Sign agreement → STAGE 4
(and from the old process):
New opportunity → STAGE 1 (as it meant the same as the current “Reach Out”)
Negotiate → STAGE 3 (as it meant the same as the current “Negotiation”)
Won → WON

If you need assistance, you can always click the chat icon on the bottom right of the screen and we’ll guide you through the integration process.

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