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Integration with MS Dynamics

TwelveZeros will automatically load your data from Microsoft Dynamics and analyze the last 18 months in order to build your sales forecast.

In order to do that, there are only two steps that you need to follow. Just after you sign up for a new account, select “MS Dynamics” from integration options.

CRM integration options

Next, we will ask you for the link to your MS Dynamics instance, and your email address you’re using to log in.

After that, you will get redirected to MS Dynamics. You may have to log in, or if you’re already logged in, it will ask you for permissions. Allow TwelveZeros to access and analyze your data on the following screen.

Allow TwelveZeros to access your data in MS Dynamics

That’s the end of step one!

In the second part, we will need to learn more about your setup, your team, and your process. To make sure you get an accurate forecast, will personally assist you through the process, so please give us a moment to reach out. If you’d like to be assisted immediately, you can always use the chat icon on the bottom right of every page.

If you want to learn more about what information we will need and how do we use it, you can read through the next steps of documentation, starting with Pipeline Mapping section.

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