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Segment Breakdown

To get to ML insights, go to the Bridge report and click on the Open Insights icon.

Segment breakdown

This is the first thing you’ll see when you open the ML Insights tab. This report is calculated based on all the opportunities in your current Bridge.

This means any insight you see there is directly related to your current forecast. For the forecasted opportunities it explains the positive signals our AI picked up. For the not forecasted opportunities, you see the reasons why our AI “thinks” they won’t close.

Those insights will update as you apply different filters to the Bridge report. This means you can see the factors impacting the forecast for each of your teams, or regions, separately.

Factor Importance

Each factor has a Likelihood Estimate number assigned to it. This number describes how much impact does each factor have towards winning or losing opportunities on your current Bridge. They will give you intuition on how important the factors are relative to each other.

On this example, you’ll notice that duration of “Working” and “DM Approval” (two stages in the pipeline) are the biggest positive factors for this account’s forecast.

Looking at the very bottom, it looks like ‘Type: New Business” seems to be the hardest to win, and it comes with strong negative importance.

Numeric and boolean factors

Factor descriptions

Let’s hover the mouse over one of the factors – for example “Type: New Business”.

Thresholds for breakdown are calculated based on data from the last 18 months – pretty static.

Filtering / drill-down

Score for each threshold represents the average score for a deal in there (out of the last 18 months). This is to have a reasonable amount of data.

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