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AI Forecasting Insights

TwelveZeros Sales Forecast is based on machine learning algorithms. As you may expect, the main goal of using machine learning is to get an accurate forecast. But what differentiates TwelveZeros from other tools is that we put great effort into explaining what the algorithm sees as important factors, when building the forecast.

There are multiple reasons for explaining the internals of the algorithm. First, it gives you, the user, understanding, and trust in the forecast TwelveZeros builds. The numbers don’t come out of a “black box”. You can inspect each factor that is affecting the result, understand what has a positive impact and what are the risk factors, as well as see the relative strength of factors.

Second, and even more important, those insights will point you in a direction to improve your numbers. Once you learn that, for example, scheduling a demo with over a week delay has a big decremental impact on your sales results, you will be able to change that.

So let’s start – log in to TwelveZeros and click the “Insights” icon on the top right.

Machine Learning sales forecasting

Below you’ll find descriptions of the types of insights you can find in TwelveZeros.



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