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Manage billing

You can manage your subscription plan, the licenses and the payment details on the Billing page.

Billing for users using forecasting software

On the left, you’ll see a list of active sales reps on your account. Active rep is anyone that logged in to your CRM in the last 30 days and is mapped in TwelveZeros. This means we will automatically stop charging you for any Reps that stop using your CRM. If you want to exclude a Rep from TwelveZeros (stop us from analyzing their data and stop being billed for it), you can do it in the Account Mapping section¬†– just change their User Role to “none”.

On the right, you can choose one of our pricing plans. Your bill¬†amount will update and you’ll see the appropriate features enabled or disabled in the product. See TwelveZeros pricing plans and features.

Payment Details section lets you choose a monthly or annual billing plan. Be sure to check how much you can save by paying annually! Just below you can save your credit card details. This data is saved securely and processed using Stripe’s Secure Payment System.

If you’d like to pay using method different than a credit card, please reach out.

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