Create an accurate sales forecast

The first step to hitting your goals.
Hit your sales goals.

Are you going to hit your sales goals this quarter?

Get that answer with TwelveZeros. The tool will automatically build an accurate forecast of your sales and will alert you ahead of time if you’re not on track.

Ever missed a goal because one big deal fell through?

TwelveZeros eliminates the usual forecasting guesswork with machine learning algorithms. It will help you identify the biggest risks affecting your forecast, and will give you tools to build a “Plan B”, should something go wrong down the road.

Ever missed your sales goals?
Game plan

Do you have a good plan? And a “Plan B”?

It’s hard to execute without a plan. TwelveZeros sales forecast is not only a single number – it’s based on predictions about existing leads, new pipeline generation, hiring new people and more. It will give you all the details about how are you going to hit your goals.

Tired of the complex analytical tools?

TwelweZeros is a tool dedicated for sales managers and salespeople, not analysts. It’s easy to set up – we automatically analyze the data from your CRM and have your forecast ready in minutes. Instead of complex formulas, expect a user friendly, drag-and-drop interface.

Simple forecasting tool

Hit your sales goals this quarter!

See what TwelveZeros can do for you today. Book a demo with Patrick to see how easy it is to get an accurate, actionable sales forecast.

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