The Sales Forecasting Platform

Integrate with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics in minutes.

Our AI will create an accurate sales forecast giving you the visibility needed to run your business.

Integration takes about five minutes and 100% free to get started for any size company, no credit card required.

Supports Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 
Sales Forecasting for Salesforce

More coming soon!

Traditional method of forecasting sales
New way of forecasting

Sales Analytics + AI = Sales Forecasting

Using powerful sales analytics in combination with our revolutionary AI, TwelveZeros helps improve sales efficiency by providing visibility into the key sales levers.


Pipeline management

Manage your current pipeline with the help of our forecast module

Hiring planning

Plan for new hires, attrition and understand the impacts on your business
new pipeline

New Pipeline Creation

Enable data-driven decision making with real-time access to sales performance across the company


Our sales analytics and AI insights help determine potential efficiencies at all level of the business

rep manager

Sales Rep & Manager Coach

Our AI is comparable to having multiple sales operations analysts as it can find key areas in which to help sales reps and managers improve in real time!

Understand how to hit your sales goals

Our sales forecasts are built around one powerful visualization. Review your pipeline coverage, the gaps to your goals and an accurate AI forecast in one place.

A Revolutionary User Interface


Pipeline Coverage:
Easily review pipeline coverage for any given time period. Set Forecast and watch pipeline build (or not build)


The Gap to Sales Goals:
Once you set your goals, you will automatically see any gaps you have in the coming months.


AI Forecast:
The TwelveZeros AI will create a baseline forecast, eliminating at 95% of the work in building out your sales forecast.


Visualize your open pipeline by likelihood to close

Drag and drop deals into three sections including not likely to close, likely to close and a focus section to gain a deeper understanding of where your forecast stands. Focus on creating a plan to hit your sales goals.

AI powered Sales Forecast

Take sales analytics and real time reporting to the next level

Understanding how your pipeline is moving through the forecast is crucial to understanding likelihood of hitting sales goals. Answering the question on if you pipeline is moving forward, stalling, being upgrade or downgraded.


Real time sync between TwelveZeros and Salesforce / Microsoft Dynamics

The CRM module dramatically reduces the time spent in your Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics by easily updating your CRM data in real time within TwelveZeros.


The sales forecasting platform powered by AI

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) looks at all of your CRM data to extract the most relevant factors that lead to an accurate sales forecast and apply to open pipeline. The AI also provides actionable insights that help your team become more efficient.

AI Insights by Deal
and any Business Segment


Likelihood Score:
Each of the factors that the AI displays is given a likelihood score. The likelyhood score is a display of how much the AI factor relates to closing a deal.


AI Factors:
The AI looks at thousands of factors and ranks them based on the likelihood score to determine what is shown to users.


Similar Deals:
When you select AI factors you can select deals that have similar factors to aid in determining the sales forecast.


Evolve beyond CRMs and Spreadsheets with an AI-powered Forecast

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Improve Forecast Accuracy

Sales forecast built by dozens of machine learning algorithms looking at thousands of data points. Sales reps with bad data entry practices no longer matter!

Improve Sales Performance

Insights into potential sales-performance gaps found by Machine Learning algorithms. Use powerful KPI reporting to understand and identify sales performance issues.

Improve Decision Making

Enable data-driven decision making with real-time access to sales performance across the company.

Improve Communication

Unite the enterprise around one set of sales forecasts and goals. Communicate the plan clearly, improve communication and accountability.