“Are we going to hit our sales goals?”


AI creates accurate baseline sales forecast, giving you the visibility needed to run your business

Supports Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 
Sales Forecasting for Salesforce

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The “what’s our gap to sales goals” platform

The next-gen smart and intuitive sales forecasting software with an advanced sales forecast algorithm

Sales Forecasting Software

The “how do we hit our sales goals” platform

The sales forecasting tool with the most revolutionary and intuitive interface among all.

Drag and drop deals to “bridge” the gap between forecast and sales goals.
Create and manage dozens of scenarios for your business.

AI powered Sales Forecast

The “what happened with our sales forecast” platform

Understanding how your pipeline is progressing over time is crucial to hitting your sales goals and improving forecasts accuracy.

Sales Forecasting Software

AI Powered Sales Forecasting

  • Forecast Algorithm
  • Machine Learning
  • Actionability Algorithms
Machine Learning

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No matter your business type our master algorithm picks and chooses which of our micro machine learning algorithms are applicable to your forecast. This is how we ensure your forecast is accurate even with “unclean” historical data.

Actionability Algorithms

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What’s a forecast that doesn’t provide actionable next steps. Our micro-algorithms were designed with actionability in mind. Our sales forecasting tool provide actionability around hiring planning, opportunity management, pipeline generation and so much more.